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Private Midwife Hertfordshire

Welcoming a new addition to your family can be overwhelming. Let Meg, the Birth & Baby Midwife, ease some of your stress with our Postnatal Home Visit service. This 1:1, private midwifery service is designed to compliment the NHS care you will be receiving. The visits will be bespoke, holistic and unrushed, giving you the care and attention you need at this important time.

Meg has 16 years of experience in maternity and has had 3 of her own babies. She will visit you at home to check on the health of both you and your baby, whilst also providing support and guidance on early parenting techniques and issues. She'll be on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide feeding support to ensure you and your newborn are thriving. She is fully trained in infant feeding and has a Infant Sleep qualification. Trust us to help you adjust to your new life with your little one.

What might you expect during a visit?

* Maternal health check (including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, any wound checking and emotional health)
* Baby weighing service
* Breast and/or bottle feeding assessment, support and advice
* Birth de-briefing
* Recovery advice
* Baby care education (e.g. bathing baby, dressing, nappies etc)
* Sleep advice
* Someone to talk to about your experiences and adjustment to parenting
* Practical help if needed

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