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Me and my partner would highly recommend Meghan’s Hypnobirthing course for parents to be! As first time parents we are now confident and ready for the birth of our daughter. We didn’t just learn about labour, we learnt the key skills to prepare us for when we bring her home too! Meghan made us feel as ease about the birth and parenthood with her wealth of knowledge and experience

Matt & Lauren

Our session with Meghan made us feel so confident and empowered. It was a real mix of so many different varieties of antenatal education, resulting in the perfect balance of physical, mental and emotional support whilst also being extremely practical. 3 hours with Meghan were the most important, informative and enjoyable part of preparing for birth.

Emma & Colin

We've just completed the hypnobirthing course, and couldn't recommend it enough. We're due with our second baby, and before our first we did the NCT course but wish we'd known about Meghan and her hypnobirthing course back then as the content is a lot more relevant, it's longer sessions but only 3 in total instead of the months of weekly commitment NCT requires. We definitely feel more prepared, and understand more of the essentials during and after birth. Meghan has a great way of engaging her audience for long periods of time. All in all we would definitely recommend, even if it's not your first baby!

Neelpa & Amit

I feel so much more equipped for birth after Meg's class! It's been so comprehensive, informative and inspiring. I've gone from feeling very anxious about my birth to feeling very excited and empowered - highly recommend!! I've also made some lovely friends within the class and I'm sure we'll be meeting up again soon!

Sophie & John

BLOODY BRILLIANT! How to learn & have fun during the process! We have just finished our hypnobirthing course with Meghan and couldn’t be more grateful for all of her expertise, I really feel we have come away so much more knowledgeable as I have felt a bit out of my depth and overwhelmed by pregnancy at first but she has honestly eased my mind and felt so supported through this exciting time to now feel positive about my pregnancy journey and confident about my upcoming birth, MASSIVELY RECOMMEND especially as a first time mum to be and to have my partner able to be part of the process too was really special

Hollie & Chris

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