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Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Courses in Hertfordshire

Our Group Antenatal Course is complete and holistic birth and baby preparation. Come and learn everything you need to know about achieving a positive birthing and postnatal experience together with other like-minded parents-to-be!

In addition to the sessions outlined below, you & your birth partner will benefit from:

  • A take-home book with all your learning to read through at anytime

  • Access to a huge information hub full of resources

  • All Hypnobirthing audios and affirmations

  • Support from Midwife Meg throughout 

  • Whatsapp & Facebook groups to connect with your peers

  • Discounts for lots of local services and products

  • Reunion once all the babies have arrived

Session One- Hypnobirthing (With Midwife Meg)

What is Hypnobirthing? Explore the science behind it and learn the skills you both need to practise for a calm and positive experience no matter how you birth your baby. Including natural pain relief options and birth place options. Starting with psychological birth preparation as our mind leads where our body follows.

Session Two- Physiology of Birth & Active Birth Preparation (With Midwife Meg)

Learn exactly what is happening to your body during labour & birth and how to prepare and optimise your body and baby's position both in the lead up to and during labour & birth with movements and positions . What your birth partner can do to actively help you and what your options are (e.g. pain relief and coping mechanisms).

Session Three- The What Ifs (With Midwife Meg)

We discuss all different types of birth journeys  (e.g. induction/assisted birth/caesarean birth) and how to optimise your experience and make decisions as a team that are right for you, leaving you feeling empowered and positive no matter how your baby is born.

Session Four- Postnatal Recovery & Wellbeing (via Zoom with Midwife Meg & Psychotherapist Dan)

What to expect in the first few weeks in your new postpartum body and how to optimise healing and your transition to parenthood. We are joined by mental health expert and relationship therapist Dan to discuss the effects of a new baby on your relationship and how to maintain individual and relationship wellbeing.

Session Five- Transition from Womb to World & Infant Feeding (With Jojo, Infant Feeding Specialist & Postnatal Doula)

Join Jojo, local postnatal doula and infant feeding counsellor for the first of two sessions covering all things newborns with a focus on infant feeding:

  • Transition of womb to world – where the baby is now, what the world is like for them

  • Feeding patterns – what are ours, expectations of baby’s feeding

  • How to know feeding is going well 

  • Position and attachment for breastfeeding – supply and demand, what an effective/deep latch looks like, positions for feeding, expectations of how feeding look/feel in the early days

Session Six- Essential First Aid for Babies 0-6m (via Zoom with Keep-a-Beat's Sam)

Let Sam (of KeepABeat Herts) ease your concerns and anxieties surrounding first aid for your new baby:

  • Being prepared for those first sniffles and bugs

  • Managing temperatures in babies

  • What to expect when your baby becomes unwell

  • When you should seek help

  • NHS services and accessing help

  • Signs of serious illness

Sam also offers Birth & Baby clients 50% off her 'First Aid for Weaning' course, when you are ready to embark on that journey with your baby.

Session Seven- Infant Feeding continued (With Jojo, Infant Feeding Specialist & Postnatal Doula)

The second session with Jojo covering:

  • Bottle feeding – equipment needed, safe preparation, paced bottle feeding, types of formula

  • Expressing – colostrum harvesting, types of pumps, ideas what to buy, storage

  • Combination feeding – how to protect breastfeeding and milk supply, when to introduce 

  • Challenges – Mastitis, cluster feeding, tongue ties, reflux/colic

  • Where to get support

  • Final questions and/or concerns


Enjoy 7 sessions, with a total of over 15 hours' of relevant and in depth content, delivered by local experts (click here to meet the experts) in person in our comfortable Hertford venue.

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