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What is Hypnobirthing?

'Hypnobirthing' as a name can be quite misleading, and people's perceptions are often that it's a bit 'hippie'. But I can assure you it is the most science and evidence-based way you can prepare for childbirth!


Hypnobirthing empowers you and your birth partner with practical tools, techniques and knowledge to aid relaxation, reduce fear and increase confidence in the process of pregnancy and birth, preparing you for a positive birthing experience no matter how you end up birthing your baby.

Unfortunately we have been told all of our lives that birth is scary and awful which it absolutely doesn't have to be.

So we have some unlearning to do to be able to release these anxieties and fears and re-frame our thoughts and perceptions of birth. This is what we aim to do with hypnobirthing.

The science behind it all boils down to hormone production. We need certain hormones in order for our body to birth our baby, and the production of these hormones can be slowed down/blocked by the hormones released when we are stressed/anxious/scared. We learn how to avoid the unhelpful hormones and how to harbour the natural production of the helpful hormones enables our body to labour and birth as effectively and comfortably as possible.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or even fearful about giving birth? You're not alone. Find out how hypnobirthing can help you


Benefits of Hypnobirthing

  • Natural coping techniques

  • Birth partner involvement

  • Understanding of the body's birthing process and how to help it

  • Confidence and calm from relaxation skills

  • Knowledge to help you navigate the NHS system

  • Understanding your options and how to make informed decisions

  • Increased sense of control

  • Greater chance of a positive birthing experience

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