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Q: WTF is Hypnobirthing?

A: Essentially, Hypnobirthing is all about reframing how we feel about birth, which has a huge impact on how we birth as what is happening in the brain impacts the body. So we start with the brain and work from there. The more relaxed we are in mind & body, the efficiently the body can get on with birthing a baby! Learning about physiology of birth, your anatomy and developing skills that calm the nervous system are all part of Hypnobirthing.  

Q: When in pregnancy should I do the course?

A: Any time that is convenient for you. Most people attend the course from their second trimester from 28 weeks onwards. It's great to have time to practise what you have learnt. But if you're later in pregnancy get in touch and we can plan something that's personalised to your circumstances!

Q: Do I still need to do other courses?

A: The full group course is specifically designed to be a one-stop-shop for antenatal education that covers antenatal & postnatal education PLUS Hypnobirthing, so there is no need to do another course on top unless you want to. If you are looking to just learn Hypnobirthing to compliment another course you are already booked on to, get in touch to book a private 1:1 workshop.

Q: I don't have a partner, can I still come?

A: Absolutely! You can come alone or you can bring a friend or family member as support. A 'birthing partner' can be anyone. Our courses empower your birthing partner by learning how to support you in pregnancy, birth and beyond

Q: What if I dont want or don't have a 'natural' birth? Will Hypnobirthing still be beneficial?

A: Absolutely! Hypnobirthing isn't about having your 'perfect birth', its about empowerment with knowledge and having a positive birth experience no matter what happens on the day. You will learn how to remain calm and relaxed in any circumstance. I have seen Hypnobirthing benefit parents in all kinds of births: planned home births, births in a midwifery led unit, medicalised births in a consultant led unit and planned and unplanned caesarean sections.

Q: How long  is the course?

A: The full Hypnobirthing+ course is approximately 10 hours of teaching over 4 sessions.

I also run Hypnobirthing Workshops and if you can't see what you're looking for and want something more bespoke- get in touch and we can tailor a course to fit you perfectly.

Please get in touch if you have any questions at all! I'm always happy for a chat :)

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