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The Power of Hypnobirthing: Ivy's Beautiful & Speedy Birth

I am so honoured to share Jodie's birth story. Jodie is actually my sister in law and I was beyond chuffed when Jodie and my youngest brother Ollie asked me to be there to support them during their labour and birth. Jodie was an absolute powerhouse throughout and Ollie supported her perfectly. It was an absolute privilege to be there to witness my gorgeous niece's birth. A day I will never forget! Here is Ivy's birth story in her mummy Jodie's words:

"I was lucky to have a low risk pregnancy throughout my journey. At 38 weeks I was referred to Lister for a growth scan for suspected tailing growth. Baby’s head was engaged so hard to measure and I was told to consider induction due to the tailing growth. I opted for CTG (cardiotocography) monitoring twice a week and once I had made my informed decision to decline induction the consultants were happy to continue monitoring. My monitoring was always fine and it was reassuring to listen to baby regularly. 

From 39 weeks I had start stop contractions mostly in the night (known as prodromal labour) but some were being picked up on the CTG monitoring. I continued to relax at home, listening to affirmations, smelling my essential oils and resting as much as possible. I had Meg in the back of my mind saying Oxytocin, oxytocin, oxytocin! 

I had a sweep at 39+3 following a vaginal exam which revealed I was 2cm dilated. The on off contractions continued and I had another sweep at 39+6. Two hours after the sweep my waters broke and contractions started almost immediately. They were about every 7 mins but ramped up quickly. We called Lister Hospital and they said to come in to check it was waters, by the time I got to lister my contractions were 3 in 10. I was continually monitored for another 90 mins and by that time my contractions had ramped up more and another vaginal exam revealed I was 5cm and ready for a room. I was kept on the consultant led unit due to the tailing growth on the previous scan and although my preference was the midwifery led unit it was a nice experience and my midwife was incredible. My midwife asked me straight away if I had a birth plan. She put my music on and as it was still daylight outside my birth partner closed the curtains and dimmed the lights. I had my TENs (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine on since my first contractions. 

My contractions were every 1-2 mins so not a lot of down time in between and the urge to push came about 1 hour after getting the room. I opted for the gas and air as soon as I could which was amazing. My husband was an incredible support and used everything Meg taught us. I didn’t have much time to use different positions or balls etc but the breathing techniques were the most influential on my birthing experience. 

I am so proud of giving birth, I felt in control and so safe with my support network. I would’ve never considered it before but I would love to opt for a home birth if we are lucky enough to have another baby."

Thank you Jodie for sharing your story! You are amazing!

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